Kwaoo is a French telecommunications company, which provides internet,
landline, IP-TV and mobile phone services to consumers in France and Switzerland under the ASN 24904
Kwaoo is present on the following exchange points with a generally open peering policy (see notes on PeeringDB) :

Exchange pointLocationASAS-MACROIPv4IPv6
Equinix-IX ParisTeleHouse 2 ParisAS24904AS-KWAOO195.42.144.2202001:7f8:43::2:4904:1
FranceIXTeleHouse 2 ParisAS24904AS-KWAOO37.49.236.1052001:7f8:54::105
AMS-IXTelecity 5 AmsterdamAS24904AS-KWAOO80.249.210.222001:7f8:1::a502:4904:1
LyonIXLyon (L2B)AS24904AS-KWAOO77.95.71.672001:7f8:47:47::43

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